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Statue-tory Rape?
'Douchebag' of Wall Street: Suit-clad man is caught on camera humping newly installed 'Fearless Girl' statue

Who is that man? Why it’s the Man in the Suit, ‘Mr. Reese’. He shows up wherever he’s needed.

•Suit-clad man was snapped as he humped the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street

•Alexis Kaloyanides took photo of the man and posted it to Facebook Thursday

•She said there were 15-20 people gathered to discuss symbolism of the statue

•And that's when the man and his friends showed up 'acting lewd and entitled'

•Sculpture was put in front of New York City's Charging Bull last Tuesday

•It was installed by $2.5trillion asset manager State Street Global to promote gender diversity on Wall Street

•The Fearless Girl is symbol of hope for women to become recognized leaders, symbolic for International Women's Day

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BobMarch 17, 2017 11:06 PM GMT+4

He'll need brass nuts to front what's coming his way.