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Mudhsark at the Door—So Check the Woodpile!
Homeowner Fatally Shoots Dindu Home Invader, Mudshark Accomplice Arrested

This is an interesting and disturbing case. The dindu home invader, complete with mask, gloves, gun with laser sight and rope to tie his victims up with, used his mudshark girlfriend to pose as a homeowner’s association rep to entice the victims to open the door so he could rush in. Immediately after which said home invader ran right into four lead projectiles moving at roughly the speed of sound launched by the patriarch of the resident family. It appears the victims were specifically targeted. What did they have that the home invaders wanted? Was this a stash house raid? If so, the occupants were better prepared to defend themselves than the average small town white dope peddler. The town, Moncks Corner, is just about 25 miles north of Charleston, SC, so it is within easy driving distance for dindu raiders from the big city. It begs the question of how do whites in small towns outside the city like this get on the dindus’ radar? Any thoughts James?

Jeremy, 30 miles seems to be the car borne Dindu raiding radius in the Mid-Atlantic region and perhaps further south too. Typically home invaders act on intelligence—in this case probably provided by the mud shark. In the Baltimore area home invaders are looking for four things:

1. Cash

2. Guns

3. Wholesale quantities of dope

4. Pussy, specifically white pussy

If you hit the right place, you get it all.

In targeted cases like this we could be looking at the informant telling the home invader that there is a pile of money in the bedroom in hopes of getting the home owner injured, raped, killed or otherwise paid back for whatever slight brought the sword of Yodomacles down from Dindu Olympus.

“Berkeley County Coroner Bill Salisbury said an autopsy on White is still underway, but confirmed he was struck four times. Salisbury said the manner of death would be ruled a homicide, but added it would be ruled justifiable. "In Berkeley County, if you kick someone's door in and you get shot, as long as I'm the coroner, that's going to be a justifiable homicide," Salisbury said. Ollic (Police Chief) said investigators believe the homeowner acted in self-defense and that the killing was justified. Ollic said the residents of the community are safe because the suspects specifically targeted the residents of the home. He said police were still investigating whether there was any connection between the residents and the suspects.”

Police: Homeowner fatally shoots home invasion suspect, 2nd suspect arrested

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LynnMarch 17, 2017 10:18 AM UTC

"Ollic said the residents of the community are safe because the suspects specifically targeted the residents of the home. "

They are even safer because the suspect is deceased! If I were a real estate agent I would put this story on all my sales listings in the area.