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'Long-Cucked and Decadent'
What the Netherlands Will Soon Have Rammed Up their PC-Orifices By William Rapier

The long-cucked and decadent mind-fucked population of the Netherlands has voted for continual mass immigration, Islamization and ultimately sharia law:

Before that though there will be the inevitable blood bath from civil war, right through Europe, and probably the West, as anticipated by Le Pen:

Proof of this has recently been given by the example of the massive quantity of weapons that the Spanish police intercepted that were being smuggled into Europe for jihadists:

The weapons included assault rifles, anti-aircraft machine guns and grenades. All this was being brought in for the purposes of cultural enrichment and diversity diversification blah, blah.

That was only one shipment, so it is reasonable to suppose that there is a constant flow of weapons coming into the continent for the purpose of terrorism and White genocide. I imagine that the Dutch will cum in their pants as they die.

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