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The New Face of German Womanhood
Now Cuck Germans Really Have Something to Look at While Being Jerked Off, Says Professor X

Nordic Germanic blonds – just fuck off! Here comes the real multicultural beauty, a reflection of your demographic replacement:

Former Afghan refugee Zohre Esmaeli is the new face of Germany's official image campaign. She has taken over from Nordic blond model Claudia Schiffer. Get used to it; that is just the way things are done around here now.

Videos have Esmaeli posing naked with just the flag of what was once the nation called “Germany” draped around her. The elites who put this package together forgot that a good Muslim girl does not pose naked. However, the Dark Lords of Mordor are so frantic in their program, that small details like that can be ignored.

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BobMarch 18, 2017 7:55 PM UTC

Your link 404ed. Try this:;art23661,631392

That's a face only The Prophet could love.
ShepMarch 18, 2017 7:31 PM UTC

That's clearly Huma Abedin. The witness protection program must have placed her there pending the Great Treason Trials of 2017.