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Ashamed to Be Human
Shayne the Brain and Ishmael on Snow Flakes

I stood between these two men before the Liver-Eater Johnson memorial outside of Cody Wyoming and could imagine them now watching the college students slothfully exit the bus and head up the stairs to the Harm City Community College.

I think I'll become an ostrich, stick my head in the sand and hide from the world.  I'm embarrassed to be human. 


We are so porked, Good night America


Snowflake Watch: Safe words for safe spaces

Fox News

Citizens have 911. Employees have the EEOC. Consumers have the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and distressed sailors have the Coast Guard. But what do America's college students have? Where can they turn when they find themselves outside campus "safe spaces" and suffer a "microaggression"? Read the full story

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IshmaelMarch 18, 2017 5:16 PM UTC

How pitiful to be offended by words and images, your ancestors would be so proud!