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The Butthole Surfer on grabbing market share from lying, SJW/H1B infested Orwellian tech corporations

In upcoming articles, I will be discussing the need for alt tech.  What do I mean by, "Alt-tech?"  "Alt-tech" is technology, particularly software, developed by smaller alt-right companies for the sake of grabbing market share from lying, SJW/H1B infested Orwellian tech corporations.  For example, use

Infogalactic instead of Wikipedia

the Brave browser instead of Chrome or IE

Gab instead of Twitter

stay off Facebook altogether

and DuckDuckGo over Google or Bing.

Internet search is the main topic in this post.  Google has become completely SJW-converged and H1B-infested.  You'll notice if you look at the board of directors of Alphabet, Inc (Google's parent company), that it is mostly composed of white and Jewish Davoisie who feel no crude patriotic sentiments and just use the US for its infrastructure, safety, lack of corruption, and property rights: things our ancestors spilled blood to give us.

The politics and corruption of the company has affected its search engine.  Google now returns advertisements for the first 20 pages of search results for a given topic.  They might blame this on Chinese click-farms promoting these pages to the top of results, but its their job to thwart Chinese click farms in favor of search engine integrity.  Instead, they've mostly allowed the engine to flow in the direction of their main gravy train: pay-per-click advertisements.  It used to be that these ads only showed up on the sidebar and the actual results are below.  Now the sidebar is the results. I haven't completely figured out Google's collusion between large corporations and Chinese click farms to promote advertisements, but it's obviously there.

Few non-advertisements are returned by the search, and those that are are Google-approved headlines from the fakenews or other results approved by Google, which is now officially censoring websites it doesn't like, though it has been unofficially been doing it a long time. 

Some informative websites are returned by Google, but they mostly date back to 2009 - 2013, which is maybe the period the last useful code widget was developed by Google. 

The most compelling reason to stop using Google is simply that Google hates you yes you.  Few of us can forget Sundar Pichai's recent criticism of President Trump.  Pichai needs to be deported. 

I have been using DuckDuckGo lately and getting much more informative and better results with few advertisements.  The results are current and relevant, and DuckDuckGo's usage appears to be heading towards the hockey stick (way up and to the right).  Google is ripe for disruption by a competitor.

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Sam J.March 18, 2017 11:17 PM UTC

"...US for its infrastructure, safety, lack of corruption, and property rights: things our ancestors spilled blood to give us..."

All in rapid decline. Rapid.

I mostly use DuckDuckGo for most searches. If you highlight a word and right click it in Firefox there's a search for in "whatever search engine". It comes standard with Google but it can changed which is what I did with mine. I do find that if you're looking for some videos, technical papers and pictures Google works better but most searches I do in DuckDuckGo.

I think eventually they will be broken just like the media is being broken by being full pozzed Jewdocrap and people tuning them out. One thing we need to do is stop bundling of cable stations it would certainly destroy CNN and MSNBC, They might not survive at all.
Kevin BoveMarch 18, 2017 4:54 PM UTC

Good idea!