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Shaking Hands Dripping with Blood
By Andrew Ryan

The mainstream press were pissed when Trump refused to kiss – sorry – shake the hand of Islamic German fat cow Angela Merkel:

She is visibly pissed about being slapped down. Good to see her smashed back in her place. Here is the reference to the blood metaphor in this article’s title:

Trump did say that they had something in common: Obama spied on both of them, but separately, not together:

I thought Merkel would have to be a lesbian, but no, my sexist stereotypes again. Her husband is quantum chemist Joachim Sauer, professor at Humboldt University, and a lover of Wagner’s music:

Seems to be a highly cultured fellow. Now who else do we know that loved Wagner’s music? Anyway, he could not have done a worse job of things if he was chancellor instead of his old bag.

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