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Mummy, Can I be Castrated Too?
By Professor X

Sweden – a nation plunging from one dark crisis to the next. Apart from the ongoing societal breakdown produced by out-of-control immigration, it is now reported that the number of children wanting to become the opposite sex is doubling each year:

In 2016, there were 197 young people and children as young as six years, wanting to become the opposite sex, which is 100 percent increase over the last few years. The elites say that this indicates a greater “openness” in Swedish society, but surely, Sweden is so open that its guts are now falling out! In fact, Sweden’s guts have long ago fallen in the dust, and the dogs of war are now running down the street with sausages of intestines in their slobbering mouths.

On a tangent, dogs are happy to eat the corpses of their masters, contrary to popular myth. Here is a cut ‘n’ paste for your reading pleasure:

“Dogs are perfectly willing to eat human corpses, and there's no evidence that they treat their masters differently than any other dead body. Many cultures consider dogs unclean precisely because of their tendency to scavenge our remains. In The Iliad, Homer makes nine references to dogs eating dead bodies. Dogs consumed the body of Jezebel, a princess in the Old Testament, after her defenestration. There is evidence that ancient Romans considered the low-hanging cross a crueler form of crucifixion than the high version, because it enabled dogs to rip the body apart. There are even a few secular historians who believe that Jesus' body was eaten by dogs, and that his acolytes fabricated the story of a reverential entombment as a sort of coping mechanism. Some Muslim communities in East Africa revile dogs because they believe that canines ate the body of the Prophet Muhammad. Modern dogs exhibit the same behavior, and many have eaten their fallen masters. There have been several news stories of dogs scavenging family members, and other cases go unreported in the press. (Don't get smug, cat lovers. Your feline friends are no better.)” See:

In the future, I expect to see feral dogs preying on live humans as a threat next to the multicult one: JAMA. 1998; 279(1):51-53. doi:10.1001/jama.279.1.51.

Stock up on 00-SG buck shot, for our West West/ Road Warrior future!

Healthcare resources are already at crisis point in Sweden because of refugees alone:;

In Detroit, we have the case of a transgender mother and son transitioning to become father and daughter, or have I mixed that up? See:;

The elite in wanting to do musical chairs with gender will push resources right over the cliff. There will not be enough surgeons to perform emergency war surgery when the final curtain falls:

Under the God of Things

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