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A New Level of Archery
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Cobbers, have a look at Lars Andersen’s approach to archery, which pisses all over the classic position:

If you do not have a gun, this may be the way to go (if there is 10 years to train to this skill level): attempts to downplay some of Andersen’s stunts, saying that while there is no evidence of digital manipulation, there was video editing, and in the stunt of hitting in mid-flight an arrow shot at him, the in-flight arrow was bamboo so that it would split easily. So. Fuckin.’ What?

Well, maybe if they think Andersen is just another bit of fake news, they might like to try to split in-flight, one of his arrows fired at them:;

Gee, archers are getting as bitchy as classical martial artists are. Will they be walking around in white pyjamas soon?

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ShepMarch 20, 2017 3:43 PM UTC

This is cooler than cool! Thanks for posting! Guy looks like Green Arrow or Hawkeye from the comix.
PRMarch 19, 2017 4:28 PM UTC


I think your time is better spent learning how to make black-powder firearms like a Serbu 22 or DuckduckGo "Professor Parabellum." Also, follow James' suggestions on the other page about improvised weapons. I guarantee the Muslims in Australia have a ton of firearms piled up in their mosques, probably with light artillery like RPGs as well as demolitions. I just read about another huge gun bust in Europe where they had all of the weapons mentioned above.

Archery takes a ton of practice and the weapon isn't concealable from cops.