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The Terminator, Terminated
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Arnold Schwarzenegger is here in Melbourne for the Arnold classic, where perfectly natural drug free people show off their meat in Meat City. And after throwing some barbs at Don Trump, Arnie was off on his bike, without a helmet, breaking the local law:

He was stopped by our local cops for the same offence back in 2015. I would have been booked, but not the visiting liberal celeb.

Then, he will be talking climate change with local socialist Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten:

Talk about a wankfest. Microsoft Word did not like that word.

My take on Arnie is that he was hoping that he would be in the position that Don Trump now is, mainly through an expected change in the US constitution allowing foreign nations to be president, although that rule was not applied to Kenyan-born Obama. Maybe it only applies to Whites. Anyway, Arnie is now remembered by us, not for his portrayal of Conan, but for banging the Hispanic maid, and knocking her up, ending his marriage and basically his career:

He won’t be back.

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ShepMarch 22, 2017 6:44 AM UTC

Genes are funny things. Arnie's bloodlines completely dominated those of his Mexican maid, whom you might think had lots of earthy peasant vitality. The reverse seems to be true with his Kennedy kids, who take after their pale, fragile, and aristocratic mother.