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Islamic Kiddies Want Beheading Fun Too!
By William Rapier

In schools in Sydney’s southwest, students as young as Year 5 are making threats to peer students to get them to read the Koran. Islamic students have bullied staff and these staff are receiving counselling.

One female teacher received death threats to her family from her Year 5 and 6 students, students about 10 or 11 years of age. They also threatened to behead her:

She had previously been physically abused by Islamic students, who pushed her into a corner and marched around her chanting the Koran:

Well, they don’t call the place “Punchbowl” for nothing. Perhaps the name of the district should be changed to “Toiletbowl.”

In the good old days, punk students once merely raped teachers; now they want ideological conversion or beheadings, or maybe both, conversion first.

The teacher made complaints to the New South Wales Department of Education, which were dismissed:

What? They dismissed her complaint for the purposes of producing multicultural harmony? Whoever would have thought that the multicult state would do that? See:

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BobMarch 20, 2017 4:47 AM UTC

Whenever I see criticism of Muslims in the West I like to direct attention not to the proximate but rather to the ultimate cause of this infelicitous cohabitation. This is a coalition against Western civilization and peoples.
PRMarch 19, 2017 4:11 PM UTC

I feel in my bones that this is all about to blow sky-high in the West, possibly precipitated by some sort of financial shock that causes Westerners real want and the inability to pay off invaders with welfare handouts and free health care.

Of course, I am excitable. I predicted this 10 years ago and it hasn't happened, except in France.
responds:March 20, 2017 10:07 AM UTC

It has spread to Sweden and Holland. Keep your rosy hopes alive!