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My Race, Right or Wrong? Think Again

Baltimore businesswoman's body found in basement of her home

Victim's sisters ask for public's help to solve killing

 Jeremy, this neighborhood is the home of the man who I based the character Whiff Gleason of Hurt Stoker infamy. It is also the scene for both of the nobel nominated White Christmas stories. Israel Flood once fought off 5-seven thugs beside his conversion van here and Oliver fought off two thugs that stabbed him—I nice neighborhood.

Barry Simms   I-Team Reporter  


Baltimore police are searching for clues but have few leads in the killing of a businesswoman whose body was found a month ago in the basement of her home.

The woman's grieving sisters are asking for the public's help. They described their sister as very giving, very friendly and deeply spiritual.

Nicole Faber is seeking answers because few details are known about the killing of her sister, Clarissia Russell. The 47-year-old's body was found a month ago in the basement of her home in the Park Heights neighborhood of northwest Baltimore.

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Salt & Pepper Bandits

Harm City Teenagers Charged in Shooting During Attempted Street Robbery

This is the area where Sleepy was shanked by the four white dudes on New Years Eve in The Logic of Steel. The picture of the intersection is in the book. It is just above Washington Boulevard, where Eddie Van Kirk, best Baltimore Lightweight since the 1920s, was shot in front of his house. It's a nasty mixed-race area.


Teenagers charged in shooting during attempted robbery

Thriving in Bad Places

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