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Why No White Girls Go To Harm City Schools
Two male high school students in Maryland have been charged with raping a female student in a bathroom during school hours



Jeremy, white boys in Baltimore City are taken out of school and sent out of town for a GED, if their parents care. White girls are not sent to city schools, even by the poorest paleface, once they have hit puberty. Rape is common, even occurring in hallways and always during school hours. Many teachers are afraid of student bathrooms—they don't want to be raped. And there is only one cop to a school.

Oliver knows girls who were raped in high school and now that he has a daughter he's determined to send her to a white school. These maggots were Latinos and I'm not surprised, as pairs of Salvadoran and Mexican men have attempted sidewalk rapes of hookers in my neighborhood, causing the hookers to pair up and seek me out for advice on combating fat heads.

I have worked security in the Rockville area and it is an upper middle class bedroom community of D.C. with a weak, wimpy Crips presence. I coached two Mexican boxers who legally immigrated and had to flee to Baltimore to get away from MS-13 recruiters. The featherweight fought two blacks armed with a bat in a public school bathroom. He took the bat on his left arm and ran his knife through the batter's forearm, whereupon the Dindus fled and my head coach's fighter was aggressively sought by this gang as an enforcer. There was a 3-day suspension for the two Dindus but my nan was expelled. He is now married with child to a Filipino-American girl, dreading the movement of MS-13 into Baltimore. In current gang fights between large mobs of large Dindu bucks and small groups of small Latino defenders, the cops and media have been coming down on the black side and lending no support to the beleaguered defenders. This will bear some brutal fruit in years to come and I look forward to Latino massacres of Dindu thugs.

They have arrived, as A Maryland Department of Corrections employee who I coached told me that of the 500 inmates in the juvenile detention center, that the single gigantic white kid was tormented by the entire black staff and inmates, but that the tiny Salvadoran kid was treated like a Mafia Don.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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ShepMarch 21, 2017 6:31 PM GMT+4

This made Fox News today (3-21-17). Supporting interview with anti-immigration lobbyist. PTA meeting tonight in the school gym - media banned.