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Unmanly Managers
With the drop in male testosterone, is this hormonal or evolution?

James, we have spoken before, and frequently about the mangina men who seem to hold management positions. Is this, in your opinion a hormonal condition caused by chemicals, PET bottles, factory farm milk, etc., or an evolutionary adaptation to our civilization?


Ishmael, I'm six books deep nibbling at this question.

There is no doubt that there are some testosterone reducing chemicals out there.

I believe this is at the core of Robert E. Howard's Civilization versus barbarism concept. This reduction in masculinity seems to have been cyclic throughout history, with Greeks going from he-men of Homer to the baby sitters of the Romans, the Romans degenerating from the apex man-butchers of the Ancient world to simpering priests fornicating in a decayed Italy, the Germans going from Beowulf to inviting Muslims to rape their daughters, and the Norse going from Wulfere the Skull Cleaver to the bitch boys of a degenerate Europe.

The key seems to be environmental expectations, or the approval matrix of a culture. A while back I cited Lionel Tiger's book in which he cites a study that showed testosterone scaling wildly different between raw recruits entering marine corp boot camp—where they are metaphorically emasculated like Samson after bedding Delilah via the jar head shave—and then come out of boot camp as relative he-men.

The deep meaning assigned to masculine ritual in tribal societies is universal and the more extreme the more those societies wax great, and the more total their success the more quickly the easy conditions that conquering fathers made for them results in their degeneration.

Ishmael, put me in front of a typewriter and lay a fine young babe in my bed and I'l keep typing. Seriously, I've done it, have heard, "Are you gay, Mister Jimmy, or are you dead?"

But put me in front of a rugged young guy in the ring and when I step out from between the ropes, his grandmother's virtue won't be safe around me.

I have felt the surge and wane of my own testosterone to be far more extreme in terms of situation than it is according to the chemistry of aging. I am more masculine at 54 than I was at 24, because at age 24, I was trying to fit into a corporate structure in a female dominated workplace.

It is, I think, a cyclic evolutionary adaptation and the reason why current world corporate leadership is focused on universal emasculation and the multi-sexual transgender agenda—to engineer men out of existence.

You must read, Houston, Houston, Do You Read? by lice B. Sheldon.

Imagine you, Shayne and me as astronauts, coming back to an earth with no men 1,000 years from now?

He: Gilgamesh: Into the Face of Time

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guestMarch 20, 2017 3:43 PM UTC

Pro tip, don't eat soy and tofu (which is made from soy).

"The initial link between this food and its effects on T levels comes from the fact that the bean contains active compounds called isoflavones- these are plant derived phytoestrogens, many of which mimic female hormones such as estrogen and estradiol.

It is reported that once isoflavones are metabolized, the gut produces equol- this non-steroidal estrogen has previously been reported to inhibit prostate growth, as well as reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT) activity [1]- an important androgen and form of testosterone.

There are a number of studies that suggest that soy does indeed have an estrogenic effect on the body, which in turn decreases T levels-"

But the problem is that soy is used en masse as a filler, and feed.

And you know how they make fun of Alex Jones and his gay frogs?

Well, he was talking about estrogen in water:

Male fish are becoming hermaphroditic due to environmental insults (such as chemicals in the water), says participants in a new study from North Carolina State University not yet published.
Sam J.March 20, 2017 10:40 AM UTC

I'm not disagreeing with your idea of social testosterone generation. I wonder if at the Empire generation level if it could be because of Women's mating choices???? First generation tough, tough, tough but over time Females, perceiving there not be to so much need for raging assholes, slowly pick the more pliable as the raging assholes tend to be a lot of trouble.

I believe this works in the opposite direct in terms of Women attractiveness. Lots of Men killed and then Men the Men left only pick the hot ones and the rest become spinsters.