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Texan Transgender Bathrooms
By Professor X

Professor X loves Texas, although he is imprisoned in a New York university teaching social science bullshit – hence his need to write at a politically incorrect site to keep his sanity, or what little remains, as he deals with the existential crisis that his entire career has been a wrong choice. Is it too late to become a bouncer in outlaw biker bars? And, do such bars have transgender bathrooms? Why do I ask that?

Back to Texas. Hollywood fruitcakes who make their money pretending to be who they are not, have written to the state of Texas authorities, urging them to reject legislation that would strike down transgender-friendly bathrooms across that fair state:

You see, it’s a human rights issue, and actors have always been right up front there. Team America (2004), is a good movie that pisses on all this.

I hope the state of Texas tells them to fuck off, and keep in their own shithole state: they are not residents of Texas and have no right violating the human rights of Texans. Most of these fools said that they would leave our country once Trump got in, but they are still here. Well, time for them to fuck off to say communist China, if they will have them, or Cuba.

Under the God of Things

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