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On The Moons
Father Schyl’s First Sermon—Illuminating the Calendar for Those Whom Holy Posterity Has Assigned the Lot of Toil

Sustained by the bleeding heart of Our Savior, the thirteen moons wax and wane according to God’s vary-hued will.

Beyond the Holy bounds of Christendom, beyond salvation’s flow, the moons wax white and wane pale, those cursed to live beyond forsaken of God, bereft of salvation.

Within Christendom wax and wane the purposefully hued moons reflective of God’s Will.

Moons of Spring

The Somber Moon, a time for monastic reflection, busies the serf with tilling.

The Violaceous Moon, a time for teaching, busies the serf with sowing.

The Verdant Moon, a time of binding, busies the serf with weeding.

Moons of Summer

The Ember Moon, a time of christening, busies the serf with first reaping.

The Cerulean Moon, a time of hymns, busies the serf with second sowing.

The Fuchsian Moon, a time for Crusading, busies the serf with irrigation.

Moons of Autumn

The Amber Moon, a time for composing, busies the serf with the fruiting harvest.

The Umber Moon, a time for prayer, busies the serf with root planting.

The Carmine Moon, a time for pilgrimage, busies the serf with second reaping.

Moons of Winter

The Frost Moon, a time for dedications, busies the serf with thatching.

The Argent Moon, a time of reclusion, busies the serf with crafts.

The Alabaster Moon, a time for godly petition, busies the serf with suffering, in blessed emulation of Our Agonized Lord.

The Hueless Moon, a time of uplifted praise, busies the serf with uprooting.

-From Abbot Rougert’s Waxicon of the Pale, a Treatise on the paling of Salvation, to Christendom’s, Nature as a Geographic Sanctuary Bounded by the Limits of Christ’s Blood, with Suppositions Upon the Colorless Cruelty of Moons Risen from the Halls of Hell to Beam God’s Glaring Displeasure Upon Heathenkind.

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