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"Ribeye in Sky"
From Fecund Sapien to Honking Avian

Somebody Else’s Babies by Jim Goad

It's to late for us to fix this problem!

Sandhill Cranes

They call this bird "ribeye in sky" delicious!

Let me get this straight, Ishmael. In this video, the human hunter is making a Jennifer Lopez mating call.

The Puerto Rican Crane, ooking around with his wings out is whispering, "Yo, Holmes, I think that's Tony Montana's girl—leave that shit alone."

His friend is saying, "Shit Rico, that's some terminator bitch with butt implants!"

And the brothers, are like, "Naw, that's really Jennifer Lopez, let me go ged some a dat"—Blam! Blam! Blam!

Is that about right?

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IshmaelMarch 22, 2017 12:06 PM UTC

More or less, a women signaling that everything is fine, down below, and then, Bang!