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The Urban Fire Pit
Leisure Ideas for the Coming Summer of Dindu Love

Fancy a Fire Pit?

You might want to build a fire pit in your front garden and use these fire bricks for the new feature. Throw on some scraps of raw meat and you'll be good to go. It might give the dindus the right sort of message ...

Buy them here:

(Yep - as a matter of fact, I DO have too much time on my hands ...).

Phil, if Baltimore misses one complete food stamp cycle, the hoodrats will be making these fire pits themselves. I give Baltimore 24 days before the first person gets eaten in public—roasted over a municipal trash can turned burn barrel on a street corner.

Oh, the red head with the wings, what is the shipping and handling rate on her?


A Chuckle in Every Chapter

Or at least, every paragraph ... This is nuckin' futz:

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