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'To Swim Among Crooks and Liars'
Linh Dinh on Russia Today


You might dig this interview with Linh Dinh. Chris Hedges is annoying. Worth a look either way. Dinh makes some pretty good points and is sharp as a tack.

Funny how supposed "fake news" and Russian Propaganda carry massive kernels of truth

-Nero, King Beyond the Wall

I love the graphic at three minutes with the five kids that has the one impoverished kid wearing an afro and having his foot up on a basketball! Lin does address the white washed statistics in passing. My favorite hidden fact is that when you run out of unemployment you are no longer unemployed according to the federal government! Lin is great in his funeral and wedding suit and his views on racism. He is absolutely correct. The most racial hatred you will see is in the upper class blacks and elite whites with their condescending values. Lin's portrayal of Trump as a false hope for the Right and a scapegoat for the Left is heroically bleak.

This Chris Hedges does not even know about the increased violence and the only thing he cares about is white supremacy, so he stands as a good contrast to Din's view.


When Your Job Sucks

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Sam J.March 22, 2017 3:34 PM UTC

I like Linh Dinh. I hope he's wrong about Trump but it wouldn't surprise me if he was right.
Sam J.March 22, 2017 3:19 PM UTC

I thought he was Vietnamese but he looks Chinese to me. Of course I'm far from ethnologist.