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'The Spear Tip of Our Bloodline'
Matthias Waggener - Wolves of Vinland: A Tribe Against the Modern World

As an anti-social personality who takes a predatory view of life, I am called upon often to coach and mentor young fighters who are of the charismatic, "popular" personality type. My lack of connection to this way of life—as an unpopular, even reviled, personality—leaves me with a lack of reference. I am left coaching and advising from my perspective as the alternative ally and enemy of the Alpha Male throughout my life. That is useful still second-stepping it.

Listening to Paul previously, and now his brother Matthias, and speaking with and listening to men like him, personally helps me with helping younger men choose their path and develop their methods for navigating that path through the harrowing lies and thrashing personalities of the modern world.

"Their continued line of trash can continue—a can that all of these people can throw their genes into."

-Matthias does Eugenics brutally well

These guys are way out there, and by their own admission what they are into is only for the few.

Check Matthias out in this excellent interview by Henrick of Red Ice Radio.

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