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A Man with His Master’s Name
Thomas Anderson

Yes indeed, the man who ran away is Thomas Anderson and his erstwhile owner is named Thomas Anderson. Thomas has been found to be the most common name for Irish servants of the 1700s.

February 3, 1763

The Pennsylvania Gazette


LAST Night run away from the Subscriber, Thomas Anderson, of Mountjoy Township, an Indented Servant Man, named Thomas Anderson, about six Feet high, speaks fast, and is liable to get drunk, a very good Blacksmith by Trade:

Had on, when he went away, a brown cut Wig, a small three cocked Hat, green Sailor Jacket, with red Flannel under Jacket, which is old, and mended before, with a Piece of new red Flannel, is lined with white Flannel, and has flat white Metal Buttons; new Buckskin Breeches, purple coloured Yarn Stockings, and turned Pumps, with flat square white Metal Buckles. He came from the North of Ireland.

Whoever takes up and secures said Servant, so that his Master may have him again, shall have the above Reward, paid by me January 19, 1763. THOMAS ANDERSON,

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