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Anarcho-Tyranny on the Ground
Throwing Civilized Negroes Under the City Bus

Two front page articles grace the anarcho-tyranny mouthpiece, The Baltimore Sun, today. There is the feature story of a black woman who works for Johns Hopkins [situated at the center of the ghetto and committed to hiring local staff]. Hopkins has been sponsoring a plan where the children of their hard-working employees go to school with the local hoodrats, as a way of civilizing the hoodrats. This has resulted in her son fighting. This little kid is already wearing an air cast for a boxers fracture. She is interviewed about wanting to pull her kids out of the school, but reluctantly says she'll give it one more chance.

This is a genius plan by the white elite to take the few black kids with civilized parents that have a chance at a "white" life, and plunge them right back into the criminal matrix. Of course the greatest donors to Hopkins are Arab Sheiks and Jewish Bankers—Sayed and Bloomberg.

In the side bar feature it is announced that the faltering and beleaguered Baltimore City Police Department is cutting 10 million dollars from its budget to be given to schools—this in a city were shipments of textbooks have been known to remain unpacked and in storage for up to seven years. If that 10 million does not go toward increasing police presence in the schools Baltimore will slip further into anarcho-tyranny. If it is used to increase school security it will be interesting to se if this results in a change in gang recruitment and organization, which is currently centered in the school system. But it is not to be. Further reading of the article makes it clear that this 10 million dollar cut in policing is being targeted toward buying off the criminal class with more social service benefits being dispensed through the school setting, with there appearing to be little sentiment for spending any of the money on teaching!

This savage city remains a hunting ground, dedicated to producing a class of pre-martyred, predatory youth.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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