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Shitcago, Shitcago, Shitcago
Urban League Heavyweight Murderboowl Champ is in the News

Funeral home directors call for law to reduce violence at services

If you get killed at the funeral your next of kin gets a discount on your service.

“There used to be a code amongst different types of folks,” Williams said. “You didn’t bother the people at church, and you didn't bother them at a funeral.”

Chicago man pleads guilty to brokering sale of 77 illegal guns

Not like "Batman” is likely to serve any lengthy sentences for this. Unless he is a great white defendant that is.

“John Thomas, 33, who is also known as “Batman,” pleaded guilty to two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and one count of dealing firearms without a license, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.”

“Thomas admitted to brokering the sale of 77 illegal guns, including rifles, shotguns and handguns, prosecutors said. He was previously convicted of a felony and was not legally authorized to possess any firearms. Some of the guns had obliterated serial numbers or had previously been reported stolen.”

“Thomas either obtained the guns himself and then sold them, or he arranged for the owner of the firearms to sell the guns in exchange for a fee for setting up the transaction, prosecutors said. Unbeknownst to Thomas, the individuals who were buying the guns were cooperating with law enforcement.”

Chicago triples grace period On Red Light Cameras

Looks like the stop light cameras have been catching way too many black people if the city government is willing to give up an estimated 17 million dollars in annual revenue to add an additional three-tenths of a second grace period to the system. I can’t see any other reason Chicago would be willing to extend such clemency, in desperate need of money as it is.

Red-light changes nowhere near enough, alderman says

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