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Poland, Christian Europe's Hope
And More Holy War News from Radio Free Dindustan

Al-Qaeda told "Muslims in general and the youth of Islam in particular" to henceforth "not consult anybody to kill Americans."

"Proceed with the blessing of Allah, and remember that you are promised by Allah the Exalted to be in the companionship of the best Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him," Al-Nafir added.”

Al-Qaeda Order: 'Do Not Consult Anybody to Kill Americans'

Jihad Update

- Erdogan tells Turks in Europe to have Five Kids, Not just Three

Well the gauntlet has been thrown. The challenge has been issued. So all you white nationalists out there get busy too. If you really want to advance the cause of the white race, knock up some white girl. Oh I know, we white folks don’t do stuff like that. Got too many scruples, wouldn’t be responsible, wouldn’t help save the planet, don’t want to bring a child into this cruel world, wouldn’t be hip and cool to burden yourself with a wife and kids, you couldn’t afford to have nice things and travel, it’s not the right time yet, and so on. Well on the upside, a positive byproduct of Feminism, abortion and birth control is that they are causing non-maternal white women to remove themselves from the gene pool. Eventually then the birth rate among American whites will have to go up across the board. In fact here in the Midwest one already sees quite a few young, millennial age white women out and about with two or three small children in tow. White children too!

Have 5 kids not 3, Erdogan tells Turks in Europe

Poland experiencing baby boom: report

Once again Poland accepts the Turkish challenge.,Poland-experiencing-baby-boom-report

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