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There’s Gratitude for You
By Professor X

Germany has taken over one million migrants since the outbreak, two years ago, of the refugee crisis. One would have thought that the globalists would be grateful for this act of demographic suicide.

But, no. UNICEF, our friends in the United Nations global conspiracy etc. etc., have released a new report slamming Germany for not providing housing and schooling of a high enough quality for the massive number of minorities that they have accepted:

Of course, they deserve the very best.

No doubt, the cucked German’s will need to bend over more open their battered butt cheeks wider. Start by moving refugees into elite German private schools, the one’s the globalists send their little satanic monsters to. Then let then have the jobs which said satanic monsters would have had. Move refugee families into their elite ethnic neighborhoods. Just for starters.

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BobMarch 23, 2017 11:15 PM UTC

The "élite" generally have second passports and can easily change domicile. Assets offshored. They're not going to be around when it hits the fan.