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Slaves, Migrants, All Social Constructions
By Professor X

Although this story has slipped from the present news cycle, it is still worth throwing shit at. The pc establishment went crazy when Ben Carson, who is black, said that African-American slaves transported to the United States back in the day, were “immigrants” with visions of new prosperity:

Naturally this generated a massive negative response from the new class.

No matter that the man himself, Obama, basically said exactly what Carson said in 2015:

That apparently does not matter, because Carson is on the wrong side, for them, so anything he says can and will be used against him in a court of fools.

Yet, if race is a social construction, and not real, then so must be history, and even immigrants. So, it makes as much sense to say that the slaves were immigrants, as it does to say that they were butterflies:

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