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End Time Survival Tip
Which Junk Food Works the Best for Lighting a Campfire?

Hey no kidding. That greasy snack food makes really good tinder for starting a fire. There’s more than one way to burn all those calories, eh?  Here’s the best brands of munchies to put in your survival kit.


Jeremy, I spoke to a supermarket manager who was unlucky enough to be managing a store in which some asshole customer who was smoking tossed a smoldering cigarette butt in the potato chip aisle. He said that the aisle went up like a torch with the flames leaping through the drop ceiling ten feet over the top shelf! He got everybody out safely and then got reassigned to a D.C. area store which had the D.C. snipers targeting customers on their parking lot...

Video: The Best Junk-Food Fire Starters


Pringles, Fritos, Cheetos, and Doritos all make fine tinder. So we tested a pantry-full of snacks to see which burn the hottest

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