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Since the Purge
Chronology of the Hero-Thug Rising

Hero Dawn: Goboment Time—April Twenny-somtin Two-thousan-fifteen.

Mont One: We said we was thugs, said we would purge them bitchez and we did—plus beat the bitch-ass poleese.

Mont Two: All that en the goboment bitchez snatch our cred—callin’ that shit an uprising. Shit, we neva stopped solgiain’ on.

Mont Fou: The Motha Load got hit, not all hit, but enough ta start the BGF beefin’ wit da new sets—fucked dat corna shit all up—fuck dat, we solgias.

Ebry day a door get kicked by the armored force a occupation—fight dat shit? Who fool is you—we kickin’ dey shit.

Monts Nine ta Twenny-One: Da shootin’ time, solgiain nekked force en true while da OGs die.

Mont Twenny-Two: Fed Five-O bust da Shark Poleese—ebry cop nigga back in a clown suit.

Mont Twenny-Tree: Goboment bitch mamma call da poleese back—dis is our city, our time, droppin’ crackas on a dime.

Hero-Time Ba-Gin: Goboment Time March Twenny-sometin Two-thousan-fifteen

In the interest of posterity and my editor's sanity, the individual hero-thug sketches will be rendered entirely in the weak-ass archaic English of the fading elder race.

Thriving in Bad Places

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