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London Terror Update
Keeping Up On The Fall of Europe

‘I immediately recognized him.’ What we know about London attacker Khalid Masood.


Rick Noack 


Utah man killed in London attack, wife badly injured

He was safer in white bread Utah were nearly everyone can own a gun than he was in multicultural London where almost nobody can. Imagine that?


Kurt Cochran and his wife Melissa. Courtesy the Payne family/ REUTERS

Gina Cherelus

Reuters |

Low-tech London attack is 'new norm', experts say

“Yves Trotignon, a former analyst for France's intelligence services, said Britons could take some comfort from the prompt and competent response of the British security services to Wednesday's attack. "They responded quickly and they responded well and the (attacker) was quickly killed," Trotignon said. "The British have been preparing for this for years. If you are prepared for it, the consequences can be minimised. "But obviously, you are vulnerable to this type of attack. The attacker was armed with a kitchen knife and a car. What can do you against that?"




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