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Exporting Race War to Gotham
Baltimore Paleface, Apparently Unable to Find Blacks in Baltimore, Heads to New York To Kill Them

Here’s a young man who showed some initiative. Like all those the lone wolves on the other side. Nobody needed to tell him what to do. Since he has been captured the mighty and illustrious Khan, the Primus inter Pares of all radical, fascist cavemen must, of course, disavow any and all knowledge of his actions. Very stylish use of the sword. Much like the assassination of Japan Socialist Party Prime Minister Inejiro Asanuma in 1960 by a militant Japanese nationalist. The 17 year-old assassin, Otoya Yamaguchi, used a wakizahi or a large tanto to run through PM Asanuma. The sword James Harris Jackson used was a Cold Steel brand Gladius Machete. Also a worthy implement of execution. You can’t beat it for the price. At least Jackson picked a target  that  wasn’t going to evoke a great deal of sympathy, not like a children’s birthday party or a bible study group.

If you believe in the concept of Karma then the 66 year-old black man that Jackson selected as his victim had it coming to him. He must have been an awful person in a past life. Well now under that concept he gets a reset. The victim, Caughman, probably looked younger than he was at night too, not like a pathetic wrinkled old man, since “black don’t crack”, eh? Anyway what did the Leftist Powers-that-be expect? For years now they have been willing to countenance and suborn anarcho-tyranny and black mob violence against whites of every age and gender in Harm City and across the land. Wasn’t it just a matter of time then before some white person struck back against this injustice? Regardless of any condemnation and opprobrium he might receive from the white community in the aggregate? Including even the white supremacist community in this instance. How about that? Jackson surrendered to the authorities, so one must assume he intends to issue a political statement or a manifesto of some sort, much like Anders Brevik. In fact he did say that the reason he went to NYC to commit the murder(s) was because he wanted to make a statement and get media attention. We’ll have to wait to see what form that takes exactly.

“ Bias attacks have more than doubled this year in New York, and there have been nine bias crimes against black people reported, up from five in the same time period last year. “

No mention of the hundreds of bias crimes committed against white in NYC in the past year, is there? Not to mention the thousands committed annually nationwide each and every year now.




Hampden man drove from Baltimore to New York to kill black people, police said

Sword-wielding racist killer a deadbeat weirdo who once spent Christmas running around naked, neighbors say

White supremacists condemn NYC sword attack, fear they will be 'unfairly discriminated against'

Maryland man who visited NYC to kill black men is Army vet with ties to hate group (Although the police do not identify the group or groups Jackson allegedly belonged to by name).

Baltimore man arrested in NYC killing charged with hate crime

Former neighbors describe James Jackson's family as nice

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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