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Mystery Meat Pig Versus Dindu Punk
How Not To Conduct a Confrontation

Note the punk behavior of the punk and the bully behavior of the cop. Note how quickly the cop descends to the punk's level. He uses the F-word with alacrity and eagerness and pushes the punk as if to start a school yard fight.

The cop is very unprofessional, uncool, easily provoked, egotistical, wedded to a tiny vocabulary and otherwise makes himself available for conflict. His repetition of the same phrase over and over indicates that he is losing control and is primed to fight. An antagonist who repeats himself three times in a row is suffering an adrenaline dump and his mind is shutting down. You can back out here and make him eat the adrenaline or you can lead him into the fight.

The kid is getting under his redneck skin by accusing him of being some kind of mystery meat. His lack of control is remarkable. I have handled situations like this as a security person and store manager with ease. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I did not have a gun and a badge and the backing of the municipality.

The most insane moment is when the pig offers to fight barehanded and not arrest the punk. Any cop who offers to fight an unarmed person is potentially offering his gun to a potential cop killer. This police officer should not be in law enforcement but in the military.

Note that the cop deals well with the mother, is respectful and manages her in a reasonable manner. He could, if he set his ego aside, manage the punk in the same manner.

By the 8th minute the cop is openly baiting the punk into a fight—what a meathead. perhaps he is part Dindu. The cop has balls, does the chest bump, is inflated with rage and has poor impulse control. He would be a good man in a riot police squad. I'd like him on my team in a football game. But keeping the peace?

In case the video goes down, the kid finally slaps the cop and the body cam of the partner picks up as the cop—a mixed race man—does a crude hip throw and lays in six punches while telling his partner to back off and not arrest the kid. He kept his word and the kid did not appreciate it and wanted to fight again as he staggered around and wolfed like a bitch. The kid was, of course, a Dindu of a more pure strain.

On Bitches

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BobMarch 25, 2017 7:55 PM GMT+4

That's a great tip about the thrice-repeated riff as a warning sign. Thanks.
responds:March 26, 2017 9:35 PM GMT+4

Usually two is the tip off, three means they are unwraveling and four is a warning of imminent action or melt down. this is very useful and will go into more detail in another piece.
Sam J.March 25, 2017 2:13 AM GMT+4

Dindu,"I was going to knock you out". Cop,"Oh when you were over there on your back"?

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I complain about cops all the time but that cop gave him a fair chance and got his ass kicked fair and square. It's cops that abuse their power that bother me. If dumb asses challenge them and they step up and knock the shit out of them I say it's fair.