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'To Dominate'
Black Women, Violence, and American History By Kali Nicole Gross

“In 1887, Hannah Mary Tabbs, a black Maryland migrant, found herself at the center of a gruesome murder in Philadelphia. The discovery of a headless, limbless, racially ambiguous torso just beyond the city limits had understandably unnerved both black and white residents.”

And so the sociologically indoctrinated author, a black woman herself, somehow unfamiliar with the rampant reign of raging terror that black women in Urban America carry on over their children and the elderly for whom they act as “caretakers,” begins her article on a black murderess of old Philadelphia. Ms. Gross does as excellent job o researching her subject and then comes to the same conclusion that Antebellum plantation owners, modern American blacks and modern American white liberals abide by, that blacks have no agency, that they are nothing but vehicles for the good or evil emanating from the white master race.

It is astonishing that the white master race myth is kept alive most ardently by those who profess hatred of white men, but it is so. Hannah Mary Tabbs lived a double life, a suck-up to the rich whites she worked for and a murderous tyrant over the men, women and children in her lives. She, is, of course, found not guilty for her actions by Ms. Gross, due to her upbringing on a famously brutal Maryland Plantation.

So, which is it?:

Did Hannah Mary Tabbs have no agency, was she indeed, not a person in the moral sense, but a mere vehicle for the evil that white men did?

Or, might Hannah Mary Tabbs have been a person, a real human being rather than some suffering effigy?

Was she a human killer or was she a racinated automaton?

Try Ms. Grosss article and perhaps her book and judge for yourself.

Thanks to Major Abrams for this link.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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