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With subjects from Bolshevism to ancient Egyptian spiritualism, this donor based site offers numerous PDF downloads to donors as well as free access to their online archives to the curious among us. American Deception is far to the Left of my taste, However, I read leftist literature all the time and find most of the lies that bind us being extolled unwittingly in the cause of my eternal enslavement. If you are looking for another alternative to the Major or Mainstream Media, if you are determine to snorkel against the tide of the torrential News of a Phony World, there is no reason to avoid using this resource.

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Sam J.March 27, 2017 4:49 PM GMT+4

I want to add. Pieczenik seemed to imply that they are going to give these guys a way out. Maybe. If everyone believed the same things I do there would be a complete collapse in trust of the government and all government agencies. I don't think they want that, they just want to run it them themselves a little more reasonably. I want all these people in jail, however I do understand their motives in that it makes it easier to move them out. They don't seem to be getting the message though and he says that as long as they keep resisting there will be more and more damaging leaks that will progressively get worse. I think too many people know about the corruption already and busting the whole thing wide open would show that our government does work. Hiding it all and scooping it under a rug shows it doesn't and the same corruption will just seep in with the next group over time. Very sad.
Sam J.March 27, 2017 2:44 AM GMT+4

"...Antony Sutton and John Taylor Gatto..."

Oh yeah if you read them you will know all! Except they are New World Order guys. The NWO causes all problems. Well how many TV stations does the NWO own? or radio stations? or newspapers? or Banks? or book publishing? or the FED which controls the planetary money supply? Have most top officials in the US been a part of the NWO? Have a damn near majority of professors in the Ivy League colleges been in the NWO? Did the NWO have agents perched on top of a van video recording the WTC buildings when they came down on 9-11? As far as I can tell all these people are Jews and every time I look around and see some fucked up thing being done to push destruction of my country the Jews are pushing it, funding it, giving money to politicians to push whatever latest degenerate, money stealing rip off the Spaths have thought up this week or the last to completely demoralize the people, the institutions and steal every dime they can get their hands on. It all seems to be Jews. Now if you want to read these fellows there's good information there but every time you see them blaming the NWO or secret societies or whatever just white out that name and write in Jews and even if there's a mistake here or there you will 99% closer to the truth.
Sam J.March 27, 2017 2:22 AM GMT+4

Here's some interesting breaking stuff. I saw it on voat. Apparently a computer wiz named Montgomery went Federal whistle blower, which they completely ignored, over work he did for the CIA. He said they built a special built computer just to break passwords and was successful. Sheriff Arpaio and some other guys made a audio tape discussing the whole thing. Apparently this guy has almost a hundred hard drives with bank accounts and passes for damn near everyone. Plus phone conversations of Trump and lots and lots of others, judges, everyone, on these drives. Finally no one would help so he went to Freedom Watch (Freedom Watch has done some brilliant work) and Freedom Watch is making the whole thing open. This computer is called "The Hammer" and I think it was today it was mentioned in the House investigation by one of the House members. One of the Fox News team video taped this whistle blower for a week but has broke nothing. They desperately want the whole thing to go away as it's HIGHLY ILLEGAL. Supposedly Trump knows about this thing and is probably trying to find a way to hook these bastards. It's WAY over what we've heard before. Here's a site that has a good summery and audio tapes made where the Sheriff talks about the evidence and what he can do about it. This was before the election and the Sheriff got canned and they're trying to arrest him now. I don't know anything about this site but does seem to have a good summary.

I listened to the two tapes on this site. Maybe the ones on the first link are same. Not sure. They're extremely damning. The tape links are labeled backwards. two is actually tape one.

There's some heavy stuff going on. BIG BIG fights in the government. I listened to a bunch of Alex Jones lately because of Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik. (I have no idea who Alex Jones works for and don't trust him or Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik) but what they are saying makes sense. They say that the military is striking back against the CIA because of 9-11 and the looting of the country by a bunch of inept people that we have had running the country. My take on this is, what took you so long?

In the press it may be Nazi, Nazi, Russia, Russia but behind the scenes shit is really heating up.

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik says he's been involved in regime change and that the 1%, Obama's, Clintons, the press and the CIA are done. They're on the ropes. He seems to be saying they set them up and leaked. The same thing happened to Nixon so it wouldn't be a first. This Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik is Jewish and may be trying to save the Jews because they are way deep involved in the whole mess. I predict they will try to hang the whole 9-11 mess on the Bushes and the Clintons and leave the Jews out of it. If so you know we've gotten the shaft. Things will be better but they'll be no daylight and eventually things will just keep getting worse. Want to know about the Jews. All here.
BaruchKMarch 26, 2017 2:29 PM GMT+4

That's Charlotte Isserbyt's site.

She's a fascinating lady, you should watch some of her videos on YouTube. Started out in the Foreign Service, ended up in the educational system, got pulled up to the Department of Education under Reagan, was fired for leaking some creepy New World Order type programs.

Two other names whose interviews you should watch on YouTube: Antony Sutton and John Taylor Gatto. Would love to see your feedback on them.