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At the Cameo Lounge
Life in Dindustan Update -15 People Shot, One Dead in 'Horrific' Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting

Hot time in the old town tonight.


© John Minchillo/AP Photo Police operate at a crime scene outside the Cameo Nightclub after a reported fatal shooting, Sunday, March 26, 2017, in Cincinnati. At least two people opened fire inside a crowded nightclub early Sunday morning.

15 People Shot, One Dead in 'Horrific' Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting: Police


Kurt Chirbas and Gemma DiCasimirro and Chloe Hubbard and Saphora Smith 


One person has been killed and at least fifteen others shot as more than one attacker opened fire at the Cameo Nightclub in Cincinnati, Ohio, according to local police.

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BobMarch 26, 2017 10:15 PM UTC

As opposed to the orchestrated false flags where almost all victims are fatally wounded by the archetypal "lone shooter". This sounds about right.