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Under the Monster of Modernity
No Rape Cross-Examination Please: We’re British By Andrew Ryan

Don’t expect a fair trial if a woman accuses you of rape in Britain. You know, the place where thousands of white children were groomed and raped by a group of Muslims, which the pc establishment, including the police, covered up for as long as they could:;

The so-called con-servative government of Theresa May has pledged to ban courtroom cross-examinations of alleged rape victims. According to UK Justice Secretary Liz Truss, the plan “will not reduce the right to a fair trial, but will ensure victims of these crimes are protected”:

But, that is bullshit. The British common law system is adversarial and operates by testing claims in court via open cross-examination. It is a kind of free market system. The only real difference is that a man’s freedom is at stake, especially in a climate where even though migrants are raping their way across Europe:, false rape accusations are a real issue, primarily for white men:

Next, expect adversarial trials, at least of whites, to be abolished, and mere accusations taken to be sufficient for public executions.

There will be more of the same, every fuckin’ day, until the system collapses under the fetid weight of its own rottenness. Sadly, many of us will die with the monster of modernity. But, if we can lift our mutilated heads up from the smoking ruins of the world that was, and see its final ending before our demise, that must surely be enough.

By the Wine Dark Sea

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BobMarch 27, 2017 6:34 AM UTC

Flip side of the coin is that single, disenchanted, childless, white men who eschew serious relationships are the stuff of revolution. Suprising that the communists running the West haven't learned that simple lesson. But their history is one of pushing too far and then having to flee the monster of their own making. Country after country, epoch after epoch.