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‘Standup Fights? Are a Sucker’s Bet’
Mountain Guerilla and the Reluctant Partisan

I recently received a comment from an anonymous reader which contained two links, the most interesting one being the one below. I took no time to read the author’s bio, know nothing about him or his program, but really thought he nailed the subject at hand in this post.

Most importantly he stresses that we are in a civil war, in the early stages, after the first shots, of a conflict that can more accurately be termed a civil war than the War Between the States.

I will be placing a link to Mountain Guerilla on our network page.

Thought of you twice today James:

Under the God of Things

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BobMarch 28, 2017 2:01 AM UTC

Thanks, that was a very sobering read. The only quibble I had with it was the contention that the Beltway is *indifferent* to your suffering. In reality it is overseeing your destruction - violently, by proxies, and economically, directly. The élite actively wishes the European, Christian, traditional American dead. Up till now it has been content with a slow death by peaceful, demographic replacement but will pragmatically and opportunistically shift tactics.

I personally expect that many of the technologies developed and tested for combat in foreign climes will see implementation against civilian targets in the US. A rally of "undesirables"? No problem!