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Are Alt-Right Sites Being Taken Down?
A Reader Asks

“James, Zman having same problem with his site, as you, how long before we get shut down?”


Ishmael, I too am a stone ager and understand little of these things. I have no idea what is going on with Zman's site. I do believe, that when the Left gets their hood ornament I office sites like this will be taken down. At that point I plan o publishing a weekly book-bound magazine through Amazon.

In the meantime, understanding only what happened to this site but dimly, as my web master describes trying to convey computer-use to me as being like training a senior citizen to fly a fighter jet, here is how he described the disappearance of this site a couple weeks ago:

“Nothing happened to the site. I have all the content, had just backed it up in fact. The Internet provide also had your content backed up. What happed was the sign posts on the internet got rearranged and search engines were unable to find the site, rendering it temporarily invisible.”

That’s all I have, Ishmael.

One day we might go back to snail mail and printed journals—who knows. Until then, if this site ever becomes unavailable check Lynn’s blogspot.

Under the God of Things

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LynnMarch 27, 2017 9:18 AM UTC

Lol James it's your blogspot.