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‘A Cunning Hussey’
Katey Norton’s Master Wants his Sharp-Talking Hussy and Her Stolen Wardrobe Back

July 7, 1763

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away from the Subscriber, living in Lancaster, on the 26th of June, a Native Irish Servant Woman, named Katey Norton, who came from the County of Wicklow, in Ireland, last Fall, she is about 25 or 26 Years of Age, of a dark Complexion, has black Hair, talks in the Irish Dialect, rocks in her Walk, and is pretty sharp in talking:

Had on, and took with her, a black and white Calicoe Bed gown, a black calimancoe Skirt, an old Skirt, a striped Lincey Petticoat, red, blue and white, and an homespun Cotton tight bodied Wrapper, with fine blue and white small Stripes.

She has likewise stolen a fine Cotton chintz Gown, of a genteel Figure, with red, green, blue and yellow Flowers; a white Gown, two fine Shirts, with Ribbons at the Sleeves, one white Apron, two Check Ditto, one Silk Gauze Cap, with broad Lace, which she wears far back on her Head; and has a black Peeling Bonnet, with Pasteboard and Gimp round it, two black Handkerchiefs, one Linnen Ditto, white homespun Thread Stockings, new Shoes, [1] with Brass square Buckles set with Stones.

She talks of Friends she has at Chester, New York and Baltimore; she is a cunning Hussey, and no Doubt will pass a While for an honest Woman, as she has good Cloaths with her, and can behave herself.

Whoever takes up said Woman, and brings her to the Subscriber, in Lancaster, shall have Three Pounds Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by me ROBERT FULTON.


1. Among the extensive array of lady’s garments she has stolen are shoes, which indicate, along with her listed apparel, that she was kept barefoot.

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