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The Powers That Be
Sit Behind A Bench and Want More Replacement Americans

Looks like Power-that-be in Maryland wants to settle more indigent fur’ners in Baltimore. White people must not be getting into the stop and rob, convenience store business like they should, eh?


Maryland judge to hold hearing on Tuesday regarding FY2017 refugee ceiling issue



Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 25, 2017

For background, see my post here about the annual refugee admissions ceiling and my contention that the President had (still has!) the authority under the Refugee Act of 1980 to stay under the ceiling set by Obama (110,000) or the new ceiling he has set (50,000).  There is nothing in the Act which compels him to bring in numbers approaching the ceiling.

The judge in Hawaii seems to think the judiciary has the right to set numbers, and apparently the Maryland judge is headed in the same direction.

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