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Sweden Gets Back on a War Footing
Sweden Re-Activates Cold War Bunkers Over Fears of Russian Invasion: Thousands of shelters to receive comprehensive checks

This one of those times when you have to ask the question: what’s really going on here? Russia isn’t a threat to Sweden. Not like the old Soviet Union was and the Swedes expressed much less concern about what it might do back in the day. Sweden sure didn’t want to join NATO back then, so why is it considering doing so now? The fact is Sweden faces much greater danger from internal disorder caused by Muslim "refugees” (colonists) than from any “Russian invasion". So is this military buildup to meet an external threat just misdirection? Is Sweden actually preparing for a civil war? It also begs the question of who does the current “Feminist government” of Sweden consider to be its internal enemy?

Paul Joseph Watson  | -  

Infowars | March 21, 2017 

Sweden is re-activating thousands of Cold War bunkers across the country as fears of a military confrontation with Russia build.

Shelters on the Baltic Island of Gotland will be prioritized for comprehensive checks after it was identified as a likely target for Russian invasion last year. Sweden’s most populous island has been the site of a dramatic build-up of military training more than a decade after being demilitarized.

In light of the “special situation,” inspections of hundreds of underground shelters in Gotland will be stepped up, according to Swedish Radio.

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