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Hmongs Acting Badly
And the Great White Defendant Syndrome with Jeremy Bentham and

More on the Leftist narrative collapse on the recent spree murders in Wisconsin from VDare. A lot of good background information on the Hmong issue as well. This isn’t the first instance of Hmongs acting badly, and of Leftists trying to blame it all on white bigotry or “privilege” too.


What’s unstated is that the problem posed by settling such unruly and combative immigrants among white Americans today is the policy of Anarcho-tyranny the Leftist ruling elite has imposed upon the white population. Transgressions by all ethnic minorities, migrants included, are treated leniently or just ignored, but transgressions of the law by whites are prosecuted vigorously (the Great White Defendant Syndrome). Contrary to the Leftist narrative that the exact opposite condition exists  If a white gets into a fight with a non-white it’s the white that is likely to go to jail, especially given the current “Hate Crime” legislation. Hate crime laws are clearly intended  to restrain and intimidate whites as they are seldom invoked against non-whites.

Leftists will attempt to draw parallels to the problems experienced in the 19th and early 20th Centuries by the mass immigration from places like Ireland and Italy. But those comparisons don’t work because for one I do not recall the police being required to treat Irish and Italian immigrants deferentially when they broke the law in those days. Nobody ever said that too many Irish and Italian males were being incarcerated back then, did they? In fact the urban police prison wagons got nick-named “Paddy wagons” precisely because so many Irishmen named “Padraic “ (Patrick in English) were thrown into them back in the day. I’m certain the harsh treatment many of these immigrant males received forced them to contemplate the error of their ways. Had they met little to no resistance from the police and society in general many more would likely have continued in a life of crime rather than seek the hard labor and low wages that was the lot of the unskilled worker then.

For example I once met a gentleman who owned a large and prosperous artichoke ranch in California. He told me his father was an immigrant from Genoa Italy who first landed in San Francisco early in the 20th Century. He said his father paid off his passage to America by doing chores like washing off the decks with a house. Being Genoese his father hated all Sicilians on principle, so when Sicilian immigrants traveling in steerage came on deck for some fresh air he would turn the hose on them and purposely try to wash them overboard. Then when his father finally landed in San Francisco he enjoyed for a time the footloose and free life of being a petty street criminal. Until the day he and his buddies were pursued by a large Irish mounted policeman who clubbed him on the shoulder with his nightstick and sent him sprawling. It was at that moment he had a ephinany that crime did not pay and he should seek honest work. The rest is an American success story. Who knows what might have unfolded if the artichoke rancher’s immigrant father had not received a good dose of summary street justice that day?


Of course this  current regime of Anarcho-tyranny is intended specifically to oppress, harass and demoralize white people whom the Leftist ruling elite has deemed to be their political opponents. Thus there will be little to no relief from it unless and until the Left is either defeated politically and driven from public service or has the minority violence turned on them. Hmong Gunman Kills Four People In Wisconsin


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BobMarch 29, 2017 12:52 AM UTC

Typos: "ephinany" should be "epiphany", and "chores like washing off the decks with a house" should be "hose"☺

This calamitous situation for whites is the end result of a protracted and well-organized, top-down campaign. It has not been spontaneous.

"Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness". Uncomfortable viewing.