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Harm City Trigger-Puller Inconvenienced Again
He Beat His First 2 Murder Cases. Now Comes No. 3

Keeco Stern is arrested in Baltimore and charged in slaying

If they actually convict, there is 142 more known trigger-pullers on the streets of Baltimore.


John Johnson

Newser |

(Newser) – A 28-year-old man in Baltimore has been charged with murder from a shooting back in January, and the arrest is making headlines in the city for reasons that go beyond the actual slaying. One is that when authorities spotted Keeco Stern on Thursday and tried to arrest him, they say he fled, kicked in the rear door of a nearby residence in an apparent attempt to hide, and assaulted a woman inside, reports WBAL. Cops found him, however, and added charges of assault and destruction of property to those he faces. Another reason is that this is the third time in 10 years that Stern has been charged with murder, reports the Baltimore Sun.

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