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The Blonde Girl with the Bloody Face
A Vdare Reader Asks About The Fate Of A Swedish Victim Of Immigrant Rape  

The rest of the story about, Linda, the blonde girl with the bloody face. Reader

March 28, 2017, 1:26 am


From: A Loyal Reader [Email him]

I have greatly admired editor Peter Brimelow’s work since I read Alien Nation many years ago.

I want to thank you for telling the truth about illegal immigration and massive, excessive legal immigration as well. The Main Stream Meda, “MSM,” has lied and twisted this issue beyond recognition, such as calling illegal aliens: “undocumented immigrants”, etc.

Also, a picture being worth a thousand words, the picture of the Swedish rape victim brought home the brutal reality of the open borders ideologues.

Many readers would like to know more about the Swedish and German and of course American cover-ups of immigrant and illegal alien crime.

In particular, many readers I think, would like to know what happened to the Swedish woman in that picture. Did she survive? What happened that led to her attack by Muslims in Sweden? We would really like to know the story behind that very powerful photo, a photo which, the MSM, of course, would never have the integrity of sharing with the public.

Thank you, again, for your tremendous contribution of providing information that the MSM ignores or twists regarding massive, excessive legal immigration and illegal immigration.

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