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Free Offer Of Full Contact Training For Special Olympics Roller Derby Event Mistaken For Aggression

Many of you may be familiar with Corey. Corey is the adult developmentally disabled young man who rides around our neighborhood on his adult tricycle. Recently some young people have been giving him a hard time and took his colorful plastic Easter Eggs from his bike as he was riding in the neighborhood. It is very difficult to understand him when he speaks , but my wife was able to get this story from him with some difficulty. It may have happened a week or so ago but he is still very upset. Please watch out for him and watch out for anyone who may be bullying him. This has happened before when they stole his bike, So Sad that there are a few nasty kids in our neighborhood. Most of our kids are fantastic!

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ShepMarch 29, 2017 9:41 PM UTC

Heh. Your title takes me a on a trip down memory lane. Many years ago, at my place of gainful employment, I had built up such a load of anger at various fellow employees, that I crafted a waiver of liability, in the best-sounding legalese I could conjure up. Essentially, it was an offer of "martial arts training" to be voluntarily conducted as a one-on-one sparring session, with both parties agreeing not to file criminal or civil charges as a result of any injuries suffered during this "training".

My plan was to whip out this waiver for signature the next time any confrontation got to the "oh yeah?" stage. I had no idea whether it would carry any weight in a court of law, but I anticipated a certain "oh shit" expression on he face of my antagonist when he realized that I had already played this scenario out in my mind a hundred times and was eager to get down to knuckles 'n know-how.

Never had an opportunity to use it, and after a few years it musta got lost in the wash, but the memory still brings a smile to my aged, toothless gums.