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The Californian States of America?
California Goes Confederate by Victor Davis Hanson  

Historian VDH discusses the parallels between the current secessionist movement in California and the one in 1860 that lead to the creation of the Confederate States of America. I think it’s a given that the USA is headed toward some kind of "national divorce”. The differences between the political factions in the country today are as irreconcilable as they were in either 1860 or 1775. Not to mention the ethnic competition and conflict that has been promoted and exploited by the Left for the past half century. So the question in my mind is not so much will a breakup happen, but where will we find ourselves when we come out on the other side of this black hole of dissolution?

Other than California the geo-political fault lines are not as clearly defined in the rest of the country as they were back in 1860. Thus if Civil War II becomes an open shooting war it will probably come to more closely resemble the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 with conflict between self-identified members of the political factions in pockets across the country (sanctuary cities?), than it will the American “War Between the States” of 1861-65, which featured armed conflict between clearly defined geographical polities. 

I could also see Civil War II breaking down into a series of armed conflicts much like the Jugoslav Secession Wars of 1991-2001, with the same sort of ethnic cleaning that was a feature of the Jugoslav conflict going down in many parts of America. At the moment we are in the cold war or low intensity conflict (LIC) phase of Civil War II. The Leftist “good-whites" against the conservative “bad-whites”, much like “Bleeding Kansas" of 1854 to 1861. This LIC has manifested itself over the previous decade as a race war against poor, working class and middle class whites in the major urban areas with black criminals acting as the Leftist proxy warriors. Upon the election of Trump the political aspect of this LIC become more open and notorious. George Soros funded Communist “Antifa" thugs have openly attacked Pro Trump political rallies, as well as conservative speakers on college campi. The police stood by and did nothing to prevent these assaults in many instances.


California Goes Confederate by Victor Davis Hanson


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PRMarch 30, 2017 1:44 AM GMT+4

In Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, the blacks were used against poor and middle-class whites in bussing and block-busting then with crack wars. During the late '80s and early '90s, Mexicans were increasingly-used against the blacks. Now there are almost no blacks in California: most have moved out to the South. LIC in California takes the form of Latin gangsterism and organized crime. It's unclear how much power and influence the Mexican cartels now have on our politicians, but I bet the influence is large. In addition to running drugs, we now see billboards on freeways asking us to report human trafficking.