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The Haymarket Bombing, May 4, 1886, Chicago

On May 3rd, a crowd of over 7,000 strikers gathered to hear a speech by August Spies of the IWPA. Chicago police—in the pay of business interests—fired into the crowd, killing four. On the next evening the crowd was gathered again to protest the police action. A third party then threw a bomb among the police that killed 8 officers and wounded 16 more. The cops went on a rampage, injuring 200 and killing an undisclosed number of protesters. Furthermore the labor organizers were indicted, with once committing suicide be exploding a blasting cap in his mouth, some hanging and others being imprisoned only to be released on a pardon years later.

In the 20th century that followed such protests eventually translated to social change only because the newspapers and other media were won over to the side of the protesters and were able to make these shows resonate with the idiot populace. When I look at people interested in freedom, liberty and gaining the right to defend themselves against the attack dogs of the State, I just shake my head. For the State, media and the Left are in lockstep agreement that free-thinking white men must be done away with.

-The Left is against you, outnumbers you and is better organized

-The Media is 100% behind the Left and against you.

-Business interests are 100% behind the Left and against you as you wave a flag of national identity which they are intent on demoting to global police badge.

-The State is against you, have virtually taken your elected savior and held him hostage with Lies.

-The police are currently being aggressively purged in departments across the country, with “hero” cops, “go getter” cops and any other type of law enforcer with a moral grounding, being marginalized by politicians, lawyers, police unions and coworkers in favor of SJW cops of color. Right now the cops are nominally on your side, but extremely frustrated at facing an enemy with which they are prevented from grappling.

There is hope for the cops though, to bring them on board the great ship of state that seems to have left them standing on the docks. The state and media need only find an enemy, an enemy that will be loud, bunched together and stoked up enough to fight back, then, once these police forces have been ethically cleansed they will be ready to slaughter and/or arrest these right wing, white nativists.

The pincers have been put in play to crush the Alt-Right be suckering them into another clown fight and then swooping in with the forces that will not have their back.

Read up on the Haymarket Bombing at the Chicago Historical Society website and decide if you want to be setup by agent provocateurs of the globalists, because that is what you are asking for.

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KenApril 16, 2017 1:41 PM UTC

So let's just run away and hide. Take your defeatism and stuff it
Sam J.March 29, 2017 7:37 PM UTC

Notice the cops in the Oregon video earlier were facing the AntiFa as they know where the trouble was coming from. You may be right that bunch will all be relieved for more "diversity". Which will make the cops much dumber as they can't even pass Cop test now.
responds:March 30, 2017 12:49 PM UTC

For now, though, if you are going to assemble, I think the Right is best served by cooperating with the police.