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‘Superb Coolness’
Charles Upham 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Victoria Cross and Bar, 1941-42 by Chuck Lyons

Military History, January 2017, page 16

The military career of Charles Upham, a natural athlete, hard-ass, of Christchurch New Zeeland, of the 2nd New Zeeland Expeditionary Force, was awarded the Victoria Cross and Bar for his heroic exploits in the North African Campaign against Rommel’s famed Afrika Korps. He is the only combat soldier to receive this high honor, with the other two double-VC cross awards going to British Doctors. Upham repeatedly took exceedingly dangerous risks to harm the enemy and save his fellows, exhibiting “superb, coolness, great skill and dash, and complete disregard for danger.”

The article then goes on to speak of how much Upham hated the Germans until he died, which is natural. But shows the magazine’s increased liberal bent as white fighting men who fought on the wrong side are continually sought out for obligatory ridicule and hatred. Interestingly, lest one think that white men are exceptional warriors, a non-substantive museum exhibit style article on Maori warriors, featuring female warriors and fat modern actors, is placed for balance on page 48. The superior masculine qualities of the Maori are extolled, but the author errs when he lets slip the fact that Maori warriors, finding their bravado poorly matched to British guns, began to employ entrenchments and concealed firing positions rather than brandishing war clubs and spears in the open.

Many awakened young men will not read such mass market fare as this due to the in balance, and thus miss the opportunity, through careful reading, of being able to use the author’s own evidence against his spurious and often half-baked adherence to the politically correct narrative.

As the deeds of our warrior forefathers are continually diminished—with the American Civil War and WWII becoming religious texts rather than case studies—it is tempting to turn your back on your martial heritage now that it is in the hands of evil twerp writers focused on producing your cultural suicide. But don’t fall for it. Learn how to read the text and the subtext. You have been trained in school and by the media to read narrative rather than text and subtext. Learn that and you can enjoy reading your staunchest enemy’s case for why your ancestors are not worthy of veneration and find in his own typed words the case to dismiss his false claims.

Any reader paying attention through both of these articles will read between the lines and the pages and hear the Maori Chieftain who died after taking a musket ball in the chest, wishing his warriors had learned the silent, stalking way of war before the whites came to their shores. The fact is that Maori warriors were loud fighters because they used weapons that required great muscular effort and that Charles Upham was demonstrative of an insane level of bravery because the same machines that had made the coolness of the hunter once again a battlefield virtue had rendered the entire battle space so deadly that he might as well try running between Death’s legs rather than waiting to be stomped out in his shell hole. Many men did what Upham did in that war. Few lived to be decorated.

Overall Military History is becoming a Neo-Con rag of negation. However, the narrative being shellacked on it as historians practice the art of corrupting their discipline in honor of our simpering secular gods is never so deep as the truth that seeps through.

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