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'The Vertical Towers of Power'
Demonetizing Content on You Tube

Charles, my diabolical webmaster, told me in the beginning that being unpopular would be our best protection against censorship. "Everything is video," is what he told me. Recently Oliver told me that even video content is having to be shortened to gain the attention of the shrinking minds online.

Two days ago I spent 20 minutes defending our decision not to monetize this web site to a mainstream American. For all of Stefan's whining, I think that demonetizing video should improve the content. Anything supported by advertising is by definition debased. I really don't see any better way than donations to keep a controversial site going.

"IF we win now we may very well win forever," is probably his rankest crock of shit to date—but was well framed.

In case you are wondering, I was not able to convince the greed-vector that my writing was worthwhile, for I still refuse to submit my content to the God Of Things he worships.

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