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Chief Cornstalk
A Case of Irish-Indian Reincarnation?

Yes, I was viewing a video on You Tube and came face to face with the visage of Chief Cornstalk of the Shawnee, who, despite his portrait which has him looking like James O'Keefe with a ceremonial Shawnee headpiece on, is supposed by historians to be a full-blooded Indian.

Curiously, as Cornstalk met with Lord Dunmore, making a deal with the Evil Brit to keep white settlers east of the Appalachians, while his warriors clashed with an Irish-American frontier militia force and called them "Sons of bitches," he didn't need a translator.

The Shawnee nation lived in proximity to whites for over a hundred years and never suffered a large die-off.

Hmm, where did they ever get that disease immunity?

That will be the focus of this next sprawling volume of white slavery in Plantation America.

In the meantime, check out a likeness of Chief Cornstalk in the video window below:

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