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Harm City Death Spiral
Sports bar Camden Pub closes after more than 25 years

Harm City death spiral. Stuff white people like flees the city too.


Jeremy, it tickles my funny bone that these idiots who gentrified the Inner Harbor areas from Locust Point to Fells Point 25 years ago, eventually driving out the poor whites who had defended them in the early stages, now find themselves pinned against the unyielding waterfront by a seething mass of hoodrats spawned not five blocks away in custom-built breeding-barracks. When it comes to the hipsters who thought they could reclaim the inner city for their entertainment purposes while living 30 miles further out than I can afford to move, or in the enclaves they drove third generation working people out of by sending their taxes through the roof, I say to the Dindu Hordes—Get Whitey, his back's to the water and his Mercedes can't swim!

Notice how the reporter cuts out Liberto's words and pastes in the PC term Uprising, as The Baltimore Sun, foremost Enemy of the people of Baltimore, continues its campaign to justify, obfuscate and ignore aggression against its readership.

“But in April 2015, the rioting and unrest that followed protests surrounding the death of Freddie Gray caused Camden Pub to lose $30,000 in potential revenue that week, Liberto said, and the bar never recovered. That October, he put Camden Pub up for sale, but it continued to operate.”

“Though he blames “a lot of factors,” Liberto said, “things just started to change” after the unrest. Now, he believes “people are afraid to come into the city.”

War Drums: Forty Miles from The Big House

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